Commercial Clients

Our strategy is to provide accurate cost estimates and continually monitor these through the whole construction process. This means preparing cost reports which are not retrospective and which will enable decisions to be made at an early stage in order to minimise expenditure.

Our extensive experience in all construction phases allows us to guide clients through what can be an unfamiliar process with the minimum of disruption.

As project managers we provide a central communication point for the project team which, combined with technical expertise, enables us to address problems directly at source which will improve smooth delivery of the project.

As construction managers we can oversee projects from inception to completion and by establishing contractual and partnering relationships, we can provide best value and quality to our clients.

Strategic Planning
Establish key project drivers and map out a project plan.

Form relationships and leading the project team.

Financial Management
Monitoring of construction costs and cash flow.

Putting in place suitable routes of communication and maintain these throughout the project.

Document Control
Establish online systems to ensure accountability.

Establish robust reporting processes to ensure adherence to budget and programme.

Close Out
Ensuring all documentation and certification is in place for effective occupation.

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