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Avenue Cost Consultancy Ltd provides impartial, expert advice on how to manage the diverse cost elements of construction projects from inception to occupation. We offer a full suite of specialist cost consultancy and project management services to a wide variety of clients in the public and private sectors.

We are typically appointed early in the project cycle when our expertise can influence key cost drivers and obtain best value for clients throughout the project life cycle. Using our services enables companies to adjust to variations in workload, take on new projects, fill knowledge gaps and overcome resource issues at a moment's notice.

Our extensive range of services range from cost consultancy, construction management, bid management and dispute resolution right through to regulatory controls; assisting with compliance in an ever more tightly regulated industry. As a small and flexible consultancy we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients as an extension of their internal teams.

Why work with Avenue?

  • Small and agile consultancy that can respond quickly
  • Specialists in construction industry work practices and regulations
  • Expert advice on strategies to win tenders
  • Accurate cost certainty before and throughout projects
  • Flexible resource for varying workloads
  • Impartial professional advice on contract issues

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